About Us

About Us

The Digital Media Centre (DMC) is a multidisciplinary group which focuses on research and commercial projects in the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). The DMC is based in Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT), Aungier Street and is part of the College of Arts and Tourism.

The DMC’s current focus is on projects in the following areas; culture & heritage, language learning, multimedia interaction, spatially aware computing, digital heritage and machine learning. The Centre places itself at the cutting-edge of innovation technologies, and is constantly striving to improve whilst focusing on emerging technologies.

The DMC positions itself as a problem-solver in the field of ICT to the private and public sector, offering consultancy, expertise and innovation.

DMC research is carried out by a combination of academic staff, research professionals and postgraduate students, and is funded from a variety of sources including the European Union, national agencies such as Enterprise Ireland and Science Foundation Ireland and internally in the DIT.

The DMC Studio looks after the commercial aspects of projects. This includes assisting on research projects with specific commercial requirements or identifying suitable businesses that may require support with ICT projects. The Studio will work with a client on identifying their objectives and the technical requirements necessary to meet these, and can also assist with funding, if required. The Studio boasts a talented pool or resources including designers, developers, project managers and modelers, all with expert knowledge in ICT as it applies to the DMC’s aforementioned specialist areas.

We have worked with all types of business including entrepreneurs, SMEs, non-profit organisations, Government agencies and large multinationals. If your business or organisation requires assistance in the area of Information & Communication Technology, please give us a call to discuss the matter further on (01) 402 3092. Our top-level consultancy will help you overcome everything from small problems to large obstacles, sharing our expertise and innovation to develop you organisation further.

Digital Media Centre
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