DECIPHER is a three year, €4.3 million Specific Targeted Research Project (STREP), developing new solutions to a whole range of narrative construction, knowledge visualisation and display problems for museums. The project's objective is to change the way people access digital heritage by combining much richer, event-based metadata with causal reasoning models.

Project Details





January 2011




End 2013


European Commission FP7 Fund


Dublin Institute of Technology
National Gallery of Ireland
Irish Museum of Modern Art
Open University
System Simulation Limited
Brno University of Technology
Alinari 24 ORE SpA

Technical Information

Digital heritage and semantic web technologies hold out the promise of almost unlimited access to cultural knowledge. The difficulty is that cultural meaning does not reside in individual objects but in the patterns of knowledge and events, belief and thought that link them to each other and to the observer. This is why story is so important to the communication of, and meaningful understanding of culture.

The Decipher project will result in a reasoning engine, virtual environment and interfaces that can help curators and visitors to present digital heritage objects as part of a coherent narrative that is directly related to a user’s interests. This will allow the user to interactively assemble, visualise and explore, not just collections of objects, but the knowledge structures that connect and give them meaning.

The DMC, together with its European partners bring together great skills and experience in the technical fields required by this project, with the authorial and curatorial authority of national institutions, the innovative impetus of a technology-based SME, and the drive to market of a large company that combines heritage and media interests.

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